Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chris' Colonial Day at ASIJ

March 19th was a special day for Chris at school - the fifth grade celebrated Colonial Day. 
Or Pioneer Day, or Heritage Day - I heard it called all three names. They were celebrating the conclusion of their unit on the American Colonies. A whole day of activities was in the works, including silhuouette drawing, candle dipping, johnny cake frying, weaving, and lantern making. Then the children enjoyed a "colonial lunch" in each classroom, and then there was a musical presentation in the ASIJ theater. 

Chris has settled into his usual, volunteering sort of nature, and volunteered for a speaking part in the musical program and the small singing group. I took the train up to school after dropping Sam off at school and I was able to see the candle dipping and weaving, have lunch and enjoy the very fine musical presentation.

As you can see, colonial costumes were the order of the day. Each child had a colonial character that they learned about and incorporated into their studies. Chris was a carpenter. He tried to talk me into letting him carry tools into school and rubbing dirt on his face to be more authentic. I said absolutely no to the tools, and suggested theatrical makeup rather than dirt, which ended that conversation. Chris decided to created some tools from cardboard and hang them from his belt, and he was satisfied.

Here is some video:

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