Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me and Danny Choo

Oh Danny Choo, oh Danny Choo,
Without you what would I do?

This is my thank you letter to Danny Choo.

Dear Danny Choo,

Whenever I am in a tight spot in this crazy town, I go to my computer and search the internet for answers. Inevitably, your blog turns up in my search.

Looking for places to take my 16 year old niece from Hong Kong? Danny, your blog was a treasure trove that told us just where she needed to go to see all that otaku culture! Although her parents weren't thrilled about the maid cafe...

And then there were my trials and tribulations over the Japanese driver's licensing procedures. I had insomnia, I worried, I fussed. Everything online was doom and gloom and I thought I would never pass the exam. And then your blog turned up, light and funny, and I relaxed. I also passed my test on the first try - your photos were a terrific help to understanding how the whole crazy procedure worked.

And then on Coming of Age Day, I wanted to go to Shibuya's CC Lemon Hall to see all the fun. I didn't know what time - so to the internet I went. There was nothing helpful on the English language Shibuya city website, but your blog had information from last year and I made it.

And then, there you were! Notice my cheesy grin?

I know all the otaku fans love you, but I am sure you never thought you'd have a middle aged expat American mother as a cheerleader.

Thank you!


You can visit Danny's blog too!