Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Surrounded by boxes, discoveries

The air shipment arrived, which is both good and bad. Good - we have our stuff, it feels more like home. Bad - where do we put all this junk?

And why did we send some of this? And where is the stuff I thought I sent? I hate buying duplicates, when I know it's probably sitting in storage. Somehow I managed to put all the kitchen utensils in storage - no vegetable peeler, no ladles, no spatulas - but I have fondant icing! No mixing bowls or cake pans, but I brought my tomato press and the number sign for our house in Delaware that I never got around to attaching.

None of this is a disaster, just a reminder of how confusing and mind-boggling the chore of packing is, especially when you don't really know what you are doing. The only possessions that I really miss right now are the pictures and artwork we had on the walls at home. I had an idea that hanging a few pieces would help us all adjust, seeing familiar pictures on the walls. But I managed to get confused on packing day, and I did not send the pictures I wanted. 

I miss the Wyeth print Nick and I had hanging in our bedroom, and I truly thought I had sent it. But it's not here, and for some reason I am very teary about it. It's not even a print of the Chadds Ford area, it's a Maine picture.

Here's a link to the print (for sale at the Brandywine River Museum):


I may have to break down and buy it. But if anyone would like to send me a postcard of it, please do!

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