Thursday, January 8, 2009


A very long day of travel is now behind us and we are in our beautiful (and messy) flat.

We had the help of my mom and dad, plus our wonderful, terrific, and saintly friends the Moores. Our caravan took us up to an airport hotel the night before so we could spend the night there and make our very early flight to Chicago. The flight to Chicago was uneventful and we got aboard our flight to Tokyo.

The flight to Tokyo was bearable, I guess. Any flight that long-13 hours- is never going to be fun. We had 4 seats upgraded to premium economy, which is very comfortable.

However, the 2 obnoxious, drunken men in the row ahead of me and the kids were just awful. As soon as the beverage service started, they proceeded to get totally loaded, loud, and rude. Why do airlines continue to serve obviously drunk people?It can't be safe for the crew, not to mention unpleasant for everyone around them.

I put Sam on the end of the row in order to be in the middle of the kids, but when those guys started acting up, I moved him over so he wouldn't be near them. It was a little scary.

I am posting from my iPod until our computer arrived, so I will continue later. I can only type so much on this little keyboard before I go nuts!

Send me comments, please! What are you curious about?

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