Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Tour by Chris

Chris took this video on his camera and since it is too big to email, we're posting it here for everyone to see! 

A tour of chez Johnson of Yoyogi-uehara, Tokyo, Japan.


  1. Thanks for the tour...I'm a bit dizzy though. Have you found the Rx yet? Hope you received the Package sent earlier this week. Today we had a touch of spring....and took advantage of it by playing hookie from our usual Sunday routine.

  2. That video is so great. At 1:26, thank goodness you guys finally have food. I was worried until confirmation received by Chris. I also love the candidness of the whole shoot, with you asking not to be in the shot and Michael following Chris around. Fantastic. Hope you guys are doing well. We miss you all.

  3. Yes, there is food in Japan. Hey, there's Domino's in Japan! And Shakey's Pizza, do you remember Shakey's? And there are also restaurants with live squid in tanks for you to pick your own for lunch - I saw it today. That's too Hitchhiker's Guide for me. "Meet your squid Zaka, he'll be your lunch today."

    we miss you all too.

  4. yyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!